When you visit the Denver Selfie Museum, we take selfies to an entirely new level of awesomeness. As the first and only Instagram pop-up museum in Denver, we provide the backdrop, and all you have to do is bring your phone for a selfie adventure like you’ve never experienced before!

Most Denver art museums tell you not to touch the exhibits or take pictures. We’re quite the opposite. When you visit us, we encourage you to touch, explore, laugh, and most important, take lots of selfies with your friends and family in our unique, beautiful and interactive displays.

Every corner and every room is a new and exciting work of art, ready for you to snap photos and have the time of your life! Feel like an Instagram celebrity!

If you’re looking for Denver tourist attractions, selfie spots, Art galleries, instagram walls or other things to do in Downtown Denver, and you have a phone with a camera, you won’t regret your visit to Denver Selfie Museum. And when you post your selfies on Instagram, all your friends will wonder where you went and how you did it!

Long live the selfie!

Ages 0-4: Free
Ages 5-12: $20
Adults weekday: $25
Adults weekend: $29
1525 Market St
Denver, CO 80202
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Mon–Thur: 12pm–8pm
Friday: 12pm–10pm
Saturday: 11am–10pm
Sunday: 11am–9pm


How do I get the tickets?

You can buy tickets online or at the door😜

Subject to availability!

Where do I park?

Denver Selfie Museum is located  in the heart of Downtown Denver❤ and we do not offer onsite parking but there are meters and parking lots within walking distance

Are you kid friendly?

Absolutely! We are a family-friendly destination!👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

How long does it take?

By yourself: Expect to spend around 30 minutes🙃 With friends and family: Expect to spend 60 minutes🤩

Are food and beverages allowed inside?

🙅‍♂️Please finish all food and drinks before entering the museum

What should I bring with me?

Your phone or camera📱📷 + good vibes!😜 You will be taking lots of awesome pictures, so we recommend you leave bulky stuff🛍  (jackets, bags etc) in your car🚗


Do you offer discounts for big groups?

Yes! We gladly offer discounted rates for groups of 15 or more people Monday-Friday. Please email us at Denverselfiemuseum@gmail.com

Can I bring my professional camera?

❤Absolutely! Unlike most places we allow you to bring your DSLR📷 at no extra charge!  

What time do you close?

Example: If the schedule shows we close at 8pm it means that you will be able to stay with us until 9pm🤗 

Corporate & Team Building events

Looking for an exciting activity for your next office party🤔? Bring them here! Your team will laugh, have fun, interact with installations (and each other🤗) and take tons of amazing pictures📱📷 Sounds a little more fun than a company picnic or a bowling alley? Email us for more information: denverselfiemuseum@gmail.com

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, not. We are located on a lower level of a historic Downtown Denver building and are not allowed to make any modifications to the existing staircase🙁