Best Places to Visit in Denver for Influencers 

Best Places to Visit in Denver for Influencers 

Best Places to Visit in Denver for Influencers

Denver, the Mile-High City, presents a playground of stunning natural beauty and urban sophistication. It’s a prime location for influencers of all types, from lifestyle to food, travel, and fashion. Here, we delve into some of the best places in Denver that influencers should have on their radar.

The Denver Selfie Museum

One of the most sought-after influencer venues in Denver is the Denver Selfie Museum! This is a distinctive destination designed to create unforgettable experiences while capturing them in exciting photos! There are over 30 exhibits to investigate and showcase in your feed; each one is a unique art piece exclusive to Denver. The Denver Selfie Museum is the ideal place for influencers to stage events that will deliver engaging content and lasting impressions for their followers!

Denver Art Museum

No influencer visit to Denver would be complete without a trip to the Denver Art Museum. With its striking modern architecture and a vast collection of Native American art, it’s a hotbed for those seeking inspiration. Influencers focusing on culture, art, and architecture can find an endless source of content within the museum’s walls. The stunning visuals will surely add flair to any social media feed.

RiNo Art District

The River North (RiNo) Art District is a vibrant, eclectic neighborhood that serves as a canvas for Denver’s creative community. As an influencer, you’ll find its graffiti-covered streets, local boutiques, and unique eateries picture-perfect. Not to mention the First Friday Art Walk, an event that turns RiNo into an outdoor art festival. It’s a must-see for travel, fashion, and lifestyle influencers aiming for vibrant, engaging content.

Union Station

Union Station isn’t just a transportation hub—it’s a symbol of Denver’s rich history and thriving presence. With its grand Beaux-Arts façade, the station houses trendy restaurants, boutique shops, and a boutique hotel. For food bloggers and lifestyle influencers, Union Station is a culinary haven, serving up everything from artisan ice cream to top-tier cocktails.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Just outside of Denver, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre offer breathtaking vistas and a natural, acoustically perfect amphitheater. An absolute goldmine for travel and outdoor influencers, Red Rocks allows for a mix of content—hiking experiences, sunrise yoga classes, or capturing a concert under the stars.

The Source

Located in the RiNo district, The Source is a repurposed 1880s foundry turned epicurean market. This foodie paradise offers local artisan food, craft beer, cocktails, and even a boutique hotel. Food and lifestyle influencers will find a treasure trove of culinary delights, from freshly baked bread to exotic spices.

Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens is an urban oasis that offers influencers a chance to add a splash of natural beauty to their feeds. With over 50 gardens on 24 acres, this location is perfect for eco, lifestyle, and travel influencers looking for serene, beautiful shots.

The Highlands

Denver’s Highlands neighborhood offers a mix of Victorian-era homes, lush gardens, hip restaurants, and chic boutiques. Here, influencers can explore and share the city’s rich history, vibrant culinary scene, and local fashion, making it an ideal spot for lifestyle and fashion influencers.

Denver Beer Trail

Denver’s Beer Trail is not just for beer connoisseurs. With more than 100 breweries in the city, influencers can capture the brewing process, interview local brewers, or simply showcase the community vibe of Denver’s local breweries. It’s a must for food and beverage influencers, but also a fun adventure for anyone with a more general lifestyle or travel focus.


In conclusion, Denver offers an array of locations perfect for influencer content. Its unique blend of nature, culture, food, and drink provides an exciting backdrop for creating engaging posts and enhancing your social media presence. So, pack your camera and your sense of adventure, because Denver awaits.

The Denver Selfie Museum is the perfect spot for any influencer to visit.  To host an event at the Denver Selfie Museum, you will need to contact the museum to inquire about availability and rental rates. The museum staff will work with you to create a custom event package that meets your specific needs and budget. If you’re ready to plan the perfect event at the Denver Selfie Museum, contact us today!

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