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Top Location

Located in the heart of Downtown Denver in close proximity to all the major hotels and landmarks, the Denver Selfie Museum is the top location for your event.

Enjoy your special occasion while remaining within walking distance from the most spectacular sights in Denver!

Fun Atmosphere

Say goodbye to stuffy conference centers and cookie-cutter hotel restaurants!

Make your event unforgettable by organizing it in the fun, creative atmosphere of the Denver Selfie Museum.

Tailored to Your Event

At the Denver Selfie Museum, we can configure the space for your needs and tailor it to your event.

We allow catering, bar setups, DJs (test our professional-grade sound system!), and professional photographers.


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Denver Selfie Museum is the Best Place for Your Event!ย 

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Beautiful Shot ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ“ธ 

Model: @miacomposto_ 
Photos by @glamitcolorado 

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Denver Selfie Museum FAQ’s

01How many people does the Denver Selfie Museum fit?ย 

We can accommodate up to 120 people on our premises. If youโ€™re looking to accommodate a very specific number of people for your event, contact us at denverselfiemuseum@gmail.com.

02Can I shoot a music video at the Denver Selfie Museum?

Absolutely, our colorful and creative sets are perfect for music videos. Contact us to plan your shoot.

03Can you provide the music for my event at the Denver Selfie Museum?

If you donโ€™t want to bother with booking a DJ for your event, we will be happy to set the right mood with our special selfie playlist.

04Is the Denver Selfie Museum suitable for corporate events and presentations?

Absolutely! Our space is very flexible, and we can configure it to fully meet your needs โ€” even if youโ€™re looking to organize a corporate event or presentation.ย 

05How much does it cost to organize an event at the Denver Selfie Museum?

Our events packages start at $500, which gives you and up to 30 guests unlimited access to the premises for the duration of your event. If youโ€™re planning a larger event, please get in touch with us at denverselfiemuseum@gmail.com, and we will prepare a special deal for you!

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