Top 5 Unique Senior Photo Spots in Denver

Top 5 Unique Senior Photo Spots in Denver

Top 5 Unique Senior Photo Spots in Denver

Graduation is an unforgettable milestone in one’s life, and senior photos are the perfect way to capture those precious memories. Denver, the Mile High City, is filled with countless unique spots to create the perfect backdrop for your senior photos. From bustling downtown streets to serene nature spots, Denver has it all. Here’s a list of the top 5 unique senior photo spots in Denver that will ensure your graduation photos are a standout.

1.  The Denver Selfie Museum

In your quest for a remarkable senior photo shoot location in Denver, look no further than the Denver Selfie Museum. This vibrant institution features a variety of striking and whimsical settings, perfect for memorable senior photos.

Boasting over 30 distinct spaces, each exhibit showcases a one-of-a-kind theme and design, crafted by local talent to infuse a distinctive “Denver” touch. In addition to its creative and stimulating displays, the Denver Selfie Museum also offers an assortment of props to enhance your photographs. These elements add an extra layer of excitement to your fashion shoot experience.

In summary, the Denver Selfie Museum serves as an outstanding venue for a fashion shoot, thanks to its enchanting atmosphere. With its vivid scenery, entertaining props, and energizing ambiance, your photos are sure to make a lasting impression.

2. RiNo Art District

Located just north of downtown Denver, the RiNo (River North) Art District is a vibrant and colorful neighborhood, making it an ideal location for artistic and one-of-a-kind senior photos. Known for its incredible street art, RiNo boasts numerous murals and graffiti-style artwork that will give your senior photos a modern and edgy touch.

Walking along the streets, you’ll find countless murals by local and international artists that can serve as striking backdrops for your photos. Don’t forget to explore the many galleries and studios, which often have unique outdoor art installations. When you’re done with your photo session, grab a bite to eat or a coffee at one of the many hip eateries and cafes in the area.

3. Washington Park

Situated in the center of Denver, Washington Park offers a peaceful and scenic setting for your senior photos. With over 155 acres of lush greenery, two beautiful lakes, and a myriad of flower gardens, this park is perfect for capturing natural and timeless graduation photos.

The park’s architectural features, like the historic boathouse and charming gazebo, provide a classic and elegant backdrop. With ample space and various picturesque spots, Washington Park allows for a versatile and diverse photo session. After your shoot, unwind with a leisurely stroll around the park or rent a paddleboat to enjoy the lakes.

4. Union Station

Denver’s historic Union Station is a unique spot for senior photos that combine vintage charm and modern elegance. The iconic terminal, built in 1914, has been beautifully restored and features impressive architecture, including a grand central hall with a striking chandelier, arched windows, and opulent details.

Outside, the station’s exterior and bustling plaza provides an urban and energetic atmosphere perfect for capturing your youthful spirit. Union Station’s mix of classic and contemporary elements will ensure your senior photos are both stylish and timeless. Once you’ve finished your session, explore the station’s array of shops, restaurants, and even a boutique hotel.

5. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

For senior photos that truly stand out, look no further than Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, located just 15 miles from downtown Denver. This iconic location, known for its stunning red sandstone rock formations and unparalleled views of the city and surrounding mountains, offers a breathtaking and unique backdrop for your graduation photos.

Take advantage of the park’s various trails and viewpoints to capture your senior photos with the majestic landscape as your backdrop. The amphitheater itself, a world-renowned concert venue, adds a touch of grandeur and drama to your images. Make sure to visit the park early in the day or on a weekday to avoid crowds and enjoy a more tranquil photo session.


Denver is home to an array of unique and stunning locations for senior photos, ranging from artistic urban settings to serene natural landscapes. These top 5 spots are just a glimpse of what the Mile High City has to offer. No matter your style or preference, there’s a perfect spot in Denver to create unforgettable senior photos that you’ll cherish for years to come. So, grab your cap and gown, and get ready to explore these incredible locations. Your graduation is a momentous occasion, and your senior photos should reflect your personality, achievements, and the memories you’ve made during your time in school. With these top 5 unique senior photo spots in Denver, you can create a stunning visual story that showcases your individuality and commemorates this significant milestone in your life.

The Denver Selfie Museum is the perfect spot to take senior photos. To host an event at the Denver Selfie Museum, you will need to contact the museum to inquire about availability and rental rates. The museum staff will work with you to create a custom event package that meets your specific needs and budget. They can also provide suggestions for activities and services that will enhance the overall experience for your guests. If you’re ready to plan the perfect event at the Denver Selfie Museum, contact us today! Happy shooting, and congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

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