Why is the Denver Selfie Museum a Great Event Space?

Why is the Denver Selfie Museum a Great Event Space?

The Denver Selfie Museum is an incredible experience for tourists and locals alike. Located in downtown Denver, this interactive and colorful museum is full of creative and unique selfie opportunities. In addition, it makes an incredible event space. Why is the Denver Selfie Museum a great event space? In this article, we explore some of the answers to that question, as well as the reasons you’ll want to plan your next event at the Denver Selfie Museum!

A Fun and Interactive Experience!

One of the main attractions of the Denver Selfie Museum is its array of interactive exhibits. Each installation is built and displayed by local artists, making it an experience that is unique to Denver. Some of the exhibits include a bathtub room with bubbles and rubber ducks, a bubble gum backdrop, a green screen, optical illusions, and an infinity mirror room. Some of the installations also have props to further the unique photo opportunities. All the exhibits provide playful and engaging backdrops for guests to take photos and create lasting memories.

Easily Host Large Groups

If you’ve ever been to the Denver Selfie Museum, you’d know that the space can hold plenty of people. The event space can easily hold up to 150 people. There are 30+ interactive backdrops with 5 rooms along the perimeter and approximately 4500 sqft of usable space. Whether it’s a corporate event, presentation,  birthday party, or networking event, the museum offers a fun and interactive experience that guests will remember! By getting in touch with the Denver Selfie Museum you can prepare the space for any event you could dream of!

Perfect For Family Fun

The Denver Selfie Museum is the perfect place for a day of family fun. With its bright colors, creative installations, and interactive exhibits, the museum offers the perfect place to host birthday parties that the children will never forget! From teens to adults, everyone can find something to enjoy at the Denver Selfie Museum. The memories from having a birthday party at the Denver Selfie Museum will be cherished and long-lasting!

A Great Sound System 

Worried about the museum being too quiet? They’ve got you covered! The Denver Selfie Museum understands the importance of music at any event. That’s why they have an amazing Sonos sound system to play all your favorite songs. Rock out to whatever music suits you! Or, If you don’t want to bother with booking a DJ for your event, they will be happy to set the right mood with our special selfie playlist. In addition to their sound system, they can set up a blue tooth microphone.

Unlimited Catering Options!

The Denver Selfie Museum doesn’t have a liquor license or a kitchen. However, they can assist with arranging a catering service or other options for food and beverages to be available for your guests including alcohol. There is even space to set up a bar or food station! You have the freedom to get the exact catering option that will be the perfect choice for your event.

Perfect Location in Denver

The museum is located in the middle of the block between 15th and 16th street on Stout Street “The ReNew apartment building” in downtown Denver. The area is filled with even more to do before or after your event. In addition, there is plenty of parking in a large garage that is conveniently right across the street from the Denver Selfie Museum! 

Plan Your Unforgettable Event Today!

Overall, the Denver Selfie Museum is a unique and fun venue for hosting events. With its interactive exhibits, it’s the perfect place to create lasting memories with friends, family, and colleagues. To host an event at the Denver Selfie Museum, you will need to contact the museum to inquire about availability and rental rates. The museum staff will work with you to create a custom event package that meets your specific needs and budget. They can also provide suggestions for activities and services that will enhance the overall experience for your guests, including selfie games and contests. If you’re ready to plan the perfect event at the Denver Selfie Museum, contact us today!

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